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Gluten Free Restaurant Review Jason’s Deli


After a trip to see the circus yesterday we needed a good place to eat that could handle kids.  Three under the age of five to be exact!  I had heard the Jason’s Deli was offering Gluten Free bread and I knew the kids would love the ice cream.

When I go to the register to order I asked for the Gluten Free menu.  The nice guy behind the register handed me a 1 page menu.  It listed salads, their baked potato and a make your own sandwich option that had all the GF items.  He also said I could have any regular sandwich with GF bread.  I ordered the Deli Club Sandwich with GF bread and baked chips in a bag.  The guy taking my ordered asked if I was allergic to wheat – I said yes (it was easier than trying to explain what Gluten means).  He said that he would ask the person making the sandwich to put on clean gloves!  I was impressed.
The sandwich came out great!  When I took a bite I was blown away by how good it was!  It tasted just how a Club sandwich should taste.  After eating I asked the manager what type of GF bread they used because it was so good…. it was Udi’s of course!
Nick had a Chicken Panini and Cali enjoyed the kids mac-n-cheese and some of my ham.  
The meal was perfectly ended with a cup of Vanilla soft serve – also Gluten Free!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I had my first gluten free sandwich at Jason’s today, when I got home I immediately got on google to find out what kind of bread they use, which led me here! Again, thanks for sharing!!

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