Living Gluten Free with Celiac Disease

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We are 9 weeks at MOST away from having the twins.  We have a wonderful church and group of support people who are at the ready to come help (We will have 3 kids under 3!) and bring food.  The latter part is what is worrying me.  I am looking for any and all ideas about how to best educate and prepare these wonderful people on what they can bring so I can eat it.  I want to avoid Gluten for the twins as long as possible and I certainly don’t want to be Glutened in the middle of sleep depravation and nursing.

So here it is:
What can I do to make sure the food that people drop off is Gluten Free?


  1. You are so blessed to have people wanting to help. I do have a few ideas. First I would get together with the individual/s or committee who might be cooridnating the food deliveries or has influence with the people who will be providing food. Focus on what you can eat and have them help you brainstorm what would be good for people to bring for you. Also ask that they help spread the word about safe foods — maybe you could come up with a list that could be circulated. I would keep the explanation of celiac disease simple (certain foods – list them out- make me sick). I think most parents can relate to not wanting to be sick with one newborn (not to mention two) amd would be very willing to help. Finally if you know someone makes something wonderful that you can eat ask if she could bring that. She will feel honored and you will have food you know is safe.

  2. Understand your worries. At our church we have a meals ministry and I’m on it and I always ask about food allergies when I get a call about food. I don’t know if you have someone at your church that heads that up, but if not you can ask a friend to head up the emails and phone calls on food. You can tell them what is and isn’t ok, like ask for protein and veggies, then they can make up a schedule of people and have that person find what everyone is bringing, that way you won’t have 5 chicken dishes in a row. Good luck!

  3. Great tips! Protein and veggies seems simple. I was also thinking of putting together a “safe” list of food and emailing that to the lady who heads up the food ministry.

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