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Aldi introduces new Gluten Free Product Line LiveGfree #glutenfree @AldiUSA


I buy groceries at 2 stores, Wal-Mart and Aldi.  Both have good options for our family.  Aldi is my go to for produce, meat, canned items and snack foods.  They have amazing Gluten Free labeling.  I trust their brand and the prices are also very reasonable.

Aldi has knocked it out of the park with their new LiveGfree line of Gluten Free products.  They are showcasing them this week in their weekly ad

Little Man and I went Wednesday night and bought CASES of the products.  

Some products I have tried before and others I look forward to trying.  The products I know rock are the baking mixes, pancakes and the sandwich pockets.  The line has everything from baking mixes, mac-n-cheese, pasta, cookies, crackers, frozen dinners, tortillas and frozen pizza.  Price wise it is all at least $2 cheaper than regular brand name Gluten Free products. 

I literally filled our freezer and pantry with LiveGfree products from Aldi today.  I plan to try a handful of the products Thursday so I know what to go back and buy more of.

From my understanding from talking to Aldi staff is that this is a test run for these products.  If they sell well they will bring them back.  So this is my unsolicited endorsement for Aldi’s new LiveGfree line – go buy some!  The products are certified Gluten Free, they taste good and they are way cheaper than at health food stores.

Happy shopping!


  1. I was excited to try them as well, but I’m concerned that they won’t carry an item after my daughter falls in love with it. For example, I have bought their GF chicken nuggets before (best ever!) and when they don’t have them in stock, she’s pretty upset and doesn’t want another brand. When I was there this week, I bought 2 bags, and the cashier told me what was in the freezer was all they had, so I went and bought 2 more. I want to try a few things too, and then stock up. I tried the sandwich wraps and it made a delicious wrap ‘sandwich’ – just like I remember a flour one tasting. Hopefully they’ll sell well and Aldi’s can continue to carry them. I know in our store they sell out quickly.

  2. I bought a bunch and my daughter loved all of it but I was told this is only while supplies last. That suckkkkkkks. I finally find great tasting stuff at a great price and it won’t last . What the hell. Fix this please.

    • I have purchased the LiveGfree products and they are fantastic, delicious and affordable. Please continue these products they are well worth the trip to the Alidi’s store. I purchased several of the products just this week. Thanks for bring these special products to your store, they are much needed.

  3. I have tried the brownies and the chocolate chip cookies, though I was a bit confused about the directions that told me add remaining water, when, in fact, the directions did not call for any water. I added a small amount of water and they are good! Anxious to try the cornbread and pancake mix.

  4. The pizza crust mix they make is the best Gluten free pizza we have ever had. We are VERY disappointed that our Aldi is already out of most gluten free products (including pizza crust mix) already. We were unable to buy out the shelves because we can’t afford to buy in bulk like that. Their wraps are also amazing and great tasting, but we only were able to find those on the shelves one day.
    What can we do to convince Aldi that they should still sell this stuff? I’m with Kim – my boys are now in love with this pizza crust and I don’t know if they’ll eat another now! It’s almost like they’re teasing us for some reason…

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