Living Gluten Free with Celiac Disease

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May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month


I’m a Celiac because I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January 2011.  Unfortunately like most people with this disease my road to diagnosis was long and hard.  You can read my full story here, but it took 15 years to finally get my diagnosis.  I even had to make my doctor do the blood test for Celiac Disease.  When it came back with a strong positive, he performed a biopsy. 

My story matches so many other people, who have suffered for month and years with an array of symptoms with no reason as to what was wrong.  May is a time for us to focus on awareness, focus on eduction and focus on advocacy.  This is our time for get our voices heard and help others.  I speak to thousands of people every year and I hear their struggles with symptoms and their victories living Gluten Free.

Celiac Disease effects 1 in 133 Americans.  

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease that causes many different symptoms.  There is no cure for Celiac Disease; the only treatment is a 100% Gluten Free lifestyle.  Celiac Disease can also manifest itself at any age, in people of any race and any gender.  Celiac Disease is also genetic.

Here are some great resources to learn more:
National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
Celiac Disease Foundation 
University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center 

Celiac Disease Symptoms:
Acid Reflux
And more…

If the symptoms above sound like you are someone you love, I urge you to ask your doctor to give you the blood or DNA test for Celiac Disease.  The final step for an official diagnosis is a biopsy.  A diagnosis of Celiac Disease is empowering and opens you up to a new life.

This next part may not line up with the main stream Celiac world, but I do not feel you have to have a diagnosis to live Gluten Free.  If avoiding Gluten makes you feel better, than live Gluten Free.  A diagnosis is important to some people and not to others.  I have the diagnosis because I wanted to know what was wrong with me, but I have many friends who live Gluten Free with no official diagnosis.  Also know that getting only one test done is not always enough.  So if the blood work comes back negative that doesn’t mean living a Gluten Free lifestyle won’t make you feel better.  Try it for 2 weeks and see what happens. 


This month I will be continuing to focus on how to succeed at living a Gluten Free lifestyle.  I will be highlighting products that make our life better, I will be sharing simple recipes, discussing restaurants that provide Gluten Free food and sharing our weekly Gluten Free menu.  I also have over 10 giveaways lined up from amazing Gluten Free brands!

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