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Charlotte Gluten Free Expo – Part 1


Saturday was the Gluten Free Expo in Charlotte, NC.  It was awesome!  This was my first GF expo!  I was really looking forward to trying new GF foods and meeting other GF people and bloggers.  There is so much to tell so I’m breaking my review into 2 posts.

The best part of the show?  Meeting these two wonderful Gluten Free Bloggers!!

Jules, Carrie and Me

You all know Jules from her AMAZING Gluten Free Flour and books.  She is also building the worlds largest Gluten Free cake this week in support of 1 in 133!  Carrie Forbes you may know as Gingerlemongirl!  She is a Rock Star Gluten Free blogger who comes up with super tasty recipes!

It was so fun to actually meet fellow GF bloggers and people I read about every day through Twitter.  It was like seeing old friends, even though we’d never met before.

Now to the FOOD:

Here are my favs:

CupcakesCupcakistry Their red velvet cupcake was beyond awesome!

Pasta / NoodlePosana Cafe This is a restaurant in Asheville, NC.  Their fettucini alfredo – WOW!

PizzaFuel I would almost drive 2 hours to one of their restaurants for this pizza!  Their Gluten Free dough was fantastic!

Random Food FindFeel Good Foods Asian-style Chicken Dumplings.  These were crazy good and tasted like fresh steamed dumplings!


  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you Pam! I thought the expo was wonderful and it was great to see you there! Jules was just such a down to earth sweetie wasn’t she!! :-) Have a great day! I hope we can meet up in your part of the state sometime and you can share with me all the great gluten free resources in your area!

  2. Yay! I wanted to go so badly, but I had to do an off-site sale at the church in Fuquay!! (Which was super fun actually) Can’t wait to read more :)

  3. Pam – now that the Massive GF Cake building is done, I can finally get back to my more normal life! So great to meet you in Charlotte and can’t wait to meet up again! Keep up the great blogging and let me know if I can ever be of help. Thanks also for supporting! Our work is not done until really good GF food labeling regulations are in effect!

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