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Chocolate Bark


After reading two blog posts recently I decided to try my hand at making Chocolate Bark for Christmas gifts.   I did a dry run on the peppermint bark.  It has a layer of semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate and peppermint candy on top.  I only made half a batch since I would be eating it!  To be honest I burned the first batch of white chocolate while melting it in the microwave – fail!  But my second batch came out fine and the end product was very tasty!  I actually found it to be very refreshing to eat.

I plan to make Jules’ pretzel and pecan bark next.

Some things I learned:
– Don’t burn the chocolate!  I’m not smart enough to bring it back once it has gone too far
– When making the peppermint bark allow the semi-sweet layer to chill for at least 20 minutes before you put the white chocolate on
– You have to work fast when you add the white chocolate layer or it will start to melt the semi-sweet layer
– I found it was easier to break the bark at room temperature rather than just out of the oven

I used these two posts as guides: Simply Gluten Free and Jules Gluten Free.


  1. Gluten is important to be noted because there are some who really get sick having food filled with gluten.Good to know of the recipes that are free of this vise.

  2. Oh, I love to make candy. So far this year I’ve only made one batch of almond clusters with dark chocolate and dried cranberries. Now you’ve got me wanting to make some peppermint bark. And I was trying to be good :)

  3. Pam it’s one of those things that’s so easy you don’t really need a recipe. I just melted a package of dark chocolate chips and stirred in sweetened dried cranberries and raw almonds — “eyeballed” the amounts, then dropped them on a greased cookie sheet. The chocolate does tend to melt a bit when you eat them, but what fun is chocolate if you don’t get it all over your hands and face?

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