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da Vinci’s Table – Restaurant Review


As a Gluten Free eater I have grown accustom to driving by Italian restaurants knowing my options would be limited to salad.  So when I drove by a local restaurant last week that said “Gluten Free Pizza & Pasta” on their sign I was intrigued!  With date night with the hubby coming up I knew where we were going to go!

da Vinci’s Table is a local Italian restaurant that opened in 2010.  Their menu includes pasta dishes, pizza, sandwiches and they have seasonal specials.

When we sat down I told the waitress I needed the Gluten Free menu.  She said they did not have one but she would get someone to come talk to me.   The chef came out to explain what would be safe for me to eat.  They offer rice flour pasta and a 10″ rice flour based pizza crust.  I decided to go with the Spaghetti Mona Lisa without the mushrooms.

It was a very large portion of GF rice noodles with a tasty meat red sauce and vegetables.  I took half of it home for lunch!  My meal also came with a side salad.  After consulting with the chef our waitress said the balsamic vinaigrette would be safe.

Since it was date night I splurged and ended the meal with the creme brulee.

The waitress did say that they normally charge an additional $2.00 for the GF noodles.

I was very pleased with the experience.  We had an enjoyable dinner at a nice local Italian restaurant!  It was clear that they are new to the Gluten Free game but I’m sure that as more Gluten Free eaters visit they will get better at knowing what is safe and how to best care for Gluten Free guests.

So if you are in the neighborhood stop by.  I look forward to trying their pizza next time!

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