Friday, December 6, 2013

Life Happens

Sometimes life brings craziness.  Today was one of those days.  There were blessings and chaos all mixed together.  Here is a brief review of the craziness to include some tasty Gluten Free food!

Chaos: Little Man fell off the sofa this morning causing his tooth to go through his lip.  This meant I came home from work and took him to the ER.

Blessing: Little Man didn't need stitches!  They just cleaned it up and sent us home.  It was a clean cut that should heal well.

Blessing:  The ER trip was very speedy so Little Man and I had a lunch date at Noodles and Company. They have very good Gluten Free options and take good precautions to avoid cross contamination.  I had a large bowl of the Pad Thai.  Tasty and yes I ate the whole bowl!

Chaos: All five noses in our house are running and most mouths are couching.  NC likes to have some crazy weather.  It was 77 degrees today and it is supposed to snow / freezing rain on Sunday.  No wonder we all have a cold.

Blessing:  We found a local restaurant that has Gluten Free pizza crust and pasta.  I've avoided this restaurant for years assuming that this Italian joint was off limits.  I enjoyed a wonderful Gluten Free pizza tonight!  Two hours later I feel good so signs are good it was safe!  Always nice to find a new restaurant to go to. 

Fingers crossed tomorrow is calmer!  

If you need some positivity in your life follow Mary Fran's Chronic Positivity Project.  Makes you think specifically about one positive thing each day!

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